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Dolphin Divan Mattress Rate Per SFT-1250Tk *78x36x20"=24375Tk *78x48x20"=29900Tk *78x60x20"=37375Tk *78x72x20"=44850Tk *78x66x20"=41112Tk *78x72x20"=48750Tk See more Details: Mobile: 01748201108 Phone: +88 02-8999091,02-8999936 > Free Home delivery in Dhaka City. > 12 years warranty. > Delivery from the ready stock. > You may order at any size or shape according to your need. > Any other colour & Fabrics you prefer is possible to make. > All Kinds of Dolphin Mattress Whole Seller and Supplier > Dolphin Mattress is one of the best bedroom furniture. > All Kinds of Bedding & Foam item available here. > Dolphin is a big online seller in Bangladesh.

2710, Noddapara, Taltala, Dakkhinkhan, Dhaka-1230

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